Photonic crystals

Periodic modulation of the refractive index on scales comparable to the wavelength produces crystal-like structures where the propagation of light is strongly influenced by interference effects. As a result the dispersion relation can be modified and gaps can be opened in the band diagram. Read more


Deterministic but non-periodic structures have many features similar to crystal-like (periodic) systems. Nevertheless there are some striking  differences like the fractal nature of the spectrum of most quasi-crystals. Read more

Random lasing

In disordered systems light performs multiple scattering and may take a long time before it exit the structure. In the presence of gain light can experience more amplification than losses creating a cavity-less laser action. Read more

Anderson localization

For sufficiently strong disorder the independent scattering approximation fails and the interference effects become important. In this regime the diffusion process comes to a halt and the eigenstates of the system become exponentially localized. Read more

Lévy flights

levy flightWhen the step lenght distribution in the multiple scattering regime doesn't have a finite variance the transport is dominated by extremely large jumps and the system becomes superdiffusive. Read more